This is the Place 

2008, 3 channel installation

Las Vegas Hilton, Las Vegas, USA

36.1404222, -115.1605333

The mid-point between right and wrong, Utah, USA

38.45426415, -113.51852291

The Mormon Temple, 

Salt Lake City, USA

40.7704694, -111.8919222

This project took the form of a seemingly ridiculous quest to find the mid-point between right and wrong.  

On a trip that has echoes of nineteenth century emigrant journeys from the British Isles to America, our narrator(s) immerses himself in three locations. In Las Vegas he documents encounters with prostitutes, strippers and revellers, before traveling two hundred miles north to the desert where he found snakes, a specific GPS location and a sense of human fragility. The final destination was the homely world of a former mormon family where he temporarily filled the role of the resident male, playing football with the kids in the garden, dipping toes in the Great Salt Lake and sneaking an occasional beer.

Using narrative voiceovers, the resulting multi-screen video work offers the viewer the possibility to mediate between differing geographical positions and polemic ideologies. From the beautiful and baron Utah desert landscape to the spiritual and political growth (and decline?) of two cities that have both grown out of a similar physical wilderness but have adopted differing sensibilities; between solid geographical locations and the philosophical narratives that represent them.

Desert Series

Car Park Series

Salt Lake Series

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