Hidden Paradise

Saturday 7th July - Wednesday 11th July 2018

Hidden Paradise was a site specific installation built in the market place in Schonnebeck, Germany. It was one of the outcomes of a larger project called Home Sweet Home that involved working with local people from the town as well as two other Essen neighbourhoods, Stoppenberg and Katernberg. This temporary provocation was designed to ask local people to consider the shifting nature of their post industrial community in light of recent German immigration policy, as well as the importance of sustainable ecological policies in an increasingly globalised society.

The installation was made in collaboration with interdisciplinary designer, Patricia Hepp, Hubertus Ahlers from the Bonnekamp Foundation and the Home Sweet Home team (Bea Keisslinger, Judith Jaeger & Kristina Stetinger).

Home Sweet Home started in 2016 as creative, artistic and community based field research by the part3 team (Bea Keisslinger), KIR – Kultur im Revier – für ein gutes Leben e.V. (culture in the borough – for a good life), Essen, Germany with the artists Patricia Hepp and Matt White.